Mermaid Meloy ( Luchia )

Lucia Nanami (七海 るちあ, Nanami Luchia?) is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and its second anime season, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure. She is the Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean and the Keeper of the Pink Pearl. Lucia surfaced onto the human world to look for her pearl that she had entrusted to a boy seven years ago in order to save his life. When she succeeds, she accepts the task of uniting the seven Mermaid Princesses of the seven nations of the seas and defeating the sea monsters.

Lucia is a very cheerful person and has a very kind heart. Her idol form is Pink Pearl Voice. She has two image songs that are both from the first season of the anime (although ‘Mother Symphony’ from the second season is sometimes referred to as a character song of hers it is not officially considered one): Splash Dream and Koi wa Nan Darou.

Lucia means ‘light’ in Latin, and Nanami means ‘seven seas’ in Japanese. She is the only mermaid with blond hair and blue eyes.

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